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Approval Workflows
Create and assign approval workflows to team members.
  • Create and save templates
  • Unlimited approvals
  • Approval notifications and status
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Rosters for Slack
per month
Assign repetitive tasks with recurring or random rosters.
  • Add team members
  • Set up roster schedule
  • Customize notifications and post to Slack channels
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Get organized with Rosters for Slack.

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Create Rosters. Done.

Schedule team tasks in less than 4 minutes.

Create rosters with custom rules
Round robin rotations
Manage users and edit rosters in Slack

Teams that have a roster spend less time guessing.

Improve Focus

Reduce handoffs and messy communication.

Faster response

Rosters lead to quicker customer responses

Reduce the app overload

Manage, create and enjoy rostering within slack without having to use yet another app

“Flowson is a core part of my business. We wouldn't survive without it!”
John Smith
CEO at Lumani

Gain insights from customers.

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Workflows for

Simple approval workflows for items